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Maximise your returns in the sale yard by producing a uniform, high-quality animal that meets target live-weights for contract sale.
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Cattle Feed for Sale

If you are looking online for some of the world’s finest cattle feed for sale, then you’re in luck because you found Reid Stockfeeds. We are a fantastic, family run manufacturer of high quality bulk feed for cattle. We are extremely proud of our product and have garnered a strong reputation as suppliers of excellent bulk cattle feed, supplying livestock farmers throughout Australia with feed since 1983.

Bulk Cow Feed for Sale Online at Reid Stockfeeds

We are able to offer our products to all manner of farmers. Whether you’re the owner of a large industrial farm or you run a smaller holding, we want to help you to improve and maximise your returns and the outcomes of your livestock. We do this by offering you the opportunity to purchase a high-quality feed that will allow to achieve target live weights for contract sale.

What Types of Bulk Cow Feed Can We Provide?

As with many of our feeds for livestock, we offer a range of different products that will allow you to choose the right feed for your cattle. Some of our range includes:

  • Start Em Up Feed – this cattle feed is meant for cattle from birth to 150 kilograms. It can be used for creep feeding or for hand-reared calves. It’s available in either 20 kilograms, 800 kilograms or in bulk.
  • Grow Em Up Feed – this cattle feed is ideal for cattle from birth up to 300 kilograms. It is good for weaning cattle and is also available in 20 kilograms, 800 kilograms or in bulk.
  • Beef Em Up Feed – this cattle feed is intended for cattle that are beyond 300 kilograms and is great for confinement cattle or for supplementing the diets of pasture fed livestock. You can purchase this feed in batches of 20 kilograms, 800 kilograms or in bulk.

We also have a separate cattle feed for sale that is used for show and sale cattle that are greater than 300 kilograms, which has additional qualities of crucial proteins, vitamins and minerals that can be used in order to produce higher quality specimens. If required, we can also provide a custom mix that’s bespoke to the needs of your farm and livestock.

Why Order from Reid Stockfeeds?

Our product is one of the world’s highest quality stock feeds on the market. Additionally, our particular grain blend is great for creep feeding and it is highly palatable. We use only the best grains, energy and proteins in our feeds so that we can ensure greater rumen development in cattle, which leads to improved lifetime feed conversion efficiency and growth.

It’s also worth noting that our animal feed has a balance of vitamins and minerals, including a rumen buffer, which will help to lower the chances of digestive upsets. Moreover, we include monensin sodium within our product so as to reduce the occurrence of coccidiosis.

By purchasing our product, you also gain access to our highly trained staff and can benefit from the ongoing advice and support of our experts. Please, don’t delay, contact us now and we can start you on the journey to better outcomes from your cattle and farm.
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Beef Stockfeed

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