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Quality is ingrained


Starting in 1984, we ran Reid Stockfeeds from our kitchen bench and delivered our stockfeed in a little red, Ford 600 tipper.

That first year we produced just 40 tonnes of grain. But we refused to give up.

Instead, we looked for new ways to invest and refine our idea of using home-grown grain to produce commercially formulated stock feeds.

The result was a truly high-quality grain and a growing base of nutritional knowledge that helps keep your beef, dairy cows, pigs, sheep or laying poultry, healthy and productive.

With continued support from our customer base, Reid Stockfeeds has continued to grow across Victoria, South Australia and lower New South Wales, becoming a respected family business.


Our Vision

Reid Stockfeeds aims to be acknowledged as the industry leader of choice through honest, professional interactions that deliver results for all staff, suppliers and customers.


Honesty First

From the beginning, we identified honesty as being one of our most precious attributes. This has resonated throughout our entire working lives, from our dealings with the people we employ to our customers and suppliers.

The trust this has developed, which in turn has become loyalty, is immeasurable. It empowers us to help even more farmers enjoy better results and profits.

Our Customer


We have two sets of customers to keep happy: the farmers who contact us on their stock’s behalf… and the many cows, pigs, sheep and chickens who eat what we deliver.

To ensure our valued farmers are satisfied, we offer honesty, transparency, advice, good punctuality and value for money.

To make your animals happy, we provide nothing but the best quality feed that tastes great, is easy to digest and delivers ongoing health benefits.

Bon appetit!

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