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Reid Stockfeeds has a standard range of Weaner, Grower and Finisher pig feeds to meet the requirements of commercial pork production.
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Pig Feed

If you are looking for the best pig feed to optimise the outcomes of your pig livestock then here at Reid Stockfeeds we have a fantastic range of weaner, grower and finisher pig feeds that will surpass all of your commercial pork production requirements. For almost forty years, we have been producing and supplying various forms of livestock feed, including pig feed throughout Australia.

High Quality Pig Feed for Sale in Australia

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pig feed and our impeccably high standards of customer service. We are a family run business and for us the needs and requirements of our loyal customers are paramount. We want the best for you and your livestock and for us that starts with producing and providing the best possible food for pigs.

A Variety of Different Types of Pig Feed

We provide an extensive range of pig feeds that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of different production systems. We can advise on almost any farm environment or farming methodology and our recommendations are supported by extensive research and a commitment to the continuous professional development of all our team. Some of the pig feeds that we have available include:

  • Vegetarian Weaner – this is made to suit the dietary requirements of a pig weighing between 15 kilograms to 30 kilograms. It includes feed enzymes that effectively improve nutrient availability. It also includes a natural yeast derived additive, which promotes efficient and lean growth.
  • Vegetarian Grower – this is suited for pigs that weigh between 30 kilograms and 60 kilograms and has many of the same supplemental benefits as our Vegetarian Weaner, including an array of mycotoxin binders, as well as an acidifier, which helps to improve both health and performance.
  • Vegetarian Dry Sow – this feed has been specifically designed for gestation sows, but can also be used to realise select gilts on a smaller farm. The benefits of this particular feed include the optimisation of reproductive performance and longevity. It has many of the same benefits of our other feeds but also contains a laxative that is included in order to reduce constipation and unproductive stillbirths. It also has an osmoreregulator to reduce heat stress in the summer months.
  • Vegetarian Lactating Sow – this diet is one of our more high energy feeds and is intended to be use with lactating sows and can be used at any point from when the sows go into the farrowing facility. It combines many of the benefits of our other animal feed for sale.
  • Vegetarian Dual Sow – this can be used for gestating sows and for sows who are lactating. It is intended to only be used by a farm that cannot introduce two separate diets for sows.
  • Vegetarian All Purpose Pig – just as the name suggests, this feed can be used to feed all manner of pigs, including sows, so long as they are above 15 kilograms in weight. Where possible, we would recommend a farm offer a range of diets, but if that is not possible then this diet would be the next best option.

More Than Just Pig Feed

In addition to our extensive range of pig feeds, there are other benefits to be gained from choosing to buy products from our amazing company. By buying from us, you will gain access to one of our nutritionists and will also benefit from our continued advice and support.

So, no matter what your needs, we are here to help you. Whether that be helping you to choose the right type of feed or helping you to maximise production and outcomes from your livestock, we’re here for you.
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Pig Stockfeed

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