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Reid Stockfeeds is a proudly family-owned business, acting as a vital cog in the food chain for livestock farmers around Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

Our close-knit team takes pride in supplying your livestock with a consistently high standard of crushed grain ration, and we love sharing advice that comes from years of industry experience.
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Buy Animal Feed Australia

If you are looking for a tried and tested way of increasing your livestock farming gains, we highly recommend that you take the time to look at Reid Stockfeeds as a reliable and proficient means of gaining quality farm animal feed. We are a family owned business and we have operated as a vital link within the food chain for livestock farms throughout various prominent farming locations in Australia.

High Quality Animal Feed in Australia

If you are looking to buy animal feed then we truly believe that there is no better alternative than our produce. We have a very tight and smooth operation and every single person within our incredibly skilled team is committed to providing you with the highest possible standard of crushed grain ration. Not only are we committed to our product, we also support all of our valued customers by sharing advice and guidance gained from our years and years of experience within the industry of livestock farming and agriculture.

The combination of our high-quality product and our willingness to support our customers with our well-earned expertise is one of the many reasons why we are regarded as one of the best sources of animal feed in Australia.

The History of Reid Stockfeeds

Our company has somewhat humble origins. We started in 1983 running our company from our kitchen and delivering our product using a small family vehicle. We started with the ambition to find a way of using grain that was home-grown in order to produce stock feeds that were commercially formulated. In our first year, we were only able to produce and sell forty tonnes of grain. However, we persevered and continued to refine and expand our practice. Nearly four decades later, we have excelled beyond our modest roots, and we have become an established and prosperous provider of animal feed throughout Australia.

We are proud of our progress but we are even more proud of our product. As a product of our hard work, our expertise, and the support of our customers, we produce a quality grain that can be used to keep your livestock healthy and productive, including beef and dairy cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry feed.

We truly believe that no matter what type of livestock you need feed for, our animal feed will help you to thrive and yield greater outcomes from your farm.

Why Choose Reid Stockfeeds When Buying Animal Feed?

There are many reasons why you should choose our family-owned business for all of your livestock feed needs. First and foremost, our products are of the highest quality, as evidenced by the fact that the standard of our ISO and FeedSafe accredited feed is consistently high. Secondly, if you purchase your feed from us then you will also be able to take advantage of our nutritional experts in order to meet production targets and ensure that you achieve outstanding results. Finally, we offer bulk delivery and we insist on honest and transparency in everything we do – our animal feeds are traceable and their ingredients are clearly outlined so that you always know that you have received exactly what you have ordered.

If you want the best stock feeds for your livestock, if you want to have outstanding results like the rest of our customers, and if you want a company that you can trust, then don’t wait any longer – order from Reid Stockfeeds now!
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Get To Know Reid Stockfeeds


Quality Grain For Your Livestock


Our tailored feed solutions offer quality grain for livestock and value for money for farmers.



Maximize your returns in the sale yard by producing a uniform, high-quality animal that meets target live-weights for contract sale.



Reid Stockfeeds is a trusted, family-owned supplier of grain mash blends to the Victorian Dairy Stockfeed industry.


Laying Poultry

Reid Poultry feeds are produced using high-quality ingredients that are designed for optimum performance and eggs.



Reid Stockfeeds has a standard range of Weaner, Grower and Finisher pig feeds to meet the requirements of commercial pork production.



Our proven performance stockfeed uses long-lasting energy and protein sources that deliver real value to the bottom line.


Bag Feed

Commercial vegetarian feed rations available for dairy, sheep, beef, pig and chickens through all good rural outlets as 20kg bags or 800kg bulker bags.


Why Feed Reids?


We pride ourselves on being a little different to most livestock feeding advisors. Here’s why:

Quality Products

Stringent testing means the standard of our ISO and FeedSafe accredited feed is consistently high.

Nutritional Experts

Meet production targets and seasonality requirements with advice from our team of nutritionists.

Outstanding Results

The right combination of grains means your livestock will be healthier and more productive.

Detailed Advice

We share our knowledge to help you get the most of your farm and animals, and to raise your profits. 

Bulk Delivery

Calibrated weigh bridges and digital load printouts mean you know you’re getting value for money.

Honesty And Transparency

All our feeds have full tracability and visibility of ingredients, to ensure you’ve been delivered what was ordered

About Reid Stockfeeds

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What Farmers Say


We can also provide feed for traditionally smaller livestock segments such as goat upon request.


“So the biggesst benefit for our business is their competitiveness on price for the product…” But dealing with Reids is more than just business. They’re part of our community and always willing to go far and beyond to support a good cause.

Paul Stammers
P.G & S.M Stammers


We run a number of pig farms and Reids have been our provider of feeds for about 7 – 8 years now. They’ve got some great staff who do their commodity buying and they’re proactive, so that was an unexpected benefit. The Reid’s family and business understand that failure in biosecurity is the enemy of their customers and they take it seriously.

Ian Peace


We have over 20,000 free range hens and we’ve had a relationship with Reid’s for over 15 years. Excellent service and quality that keeps improving over time. Their team is very approachable and accommodating especially when I need their professional opinion. There’s not a lot of big companies who would offer that kind of service to their customers because they’re not just in it for profit. They actually care about their customers.

Danny Kean
Golden Yolk Freerange Eggs


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Reid Stockfeeds


We provide stockfeed for the following livestock industries. We can also provide feed for smaller livestock segments such as goat on request.

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