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What Farmers Say


We provide stockfeed for the following livestock industries. We can also provide feed for traditionally smaller livestock segments such as goat on request.


“So the biggesst benefit for our business is their competitiveness on price for the product…” But dealing with Reids is more than just business. They’re part of our community and always willing to go far and beyond to support a good cause.

Paul Stammers
P.G & S.M Stammers


We run a number of pig farms and Reids have been our provider of feeds for about 7 – 8 years now. They’ve got some great staff who do their commodity buying and they’re proactive, so that was an unexpected benefit. The Reid’s family and business understand that failure in biosecurity is the enemy of their customers and they take it seriously.

Ian Peace


We have over 20,000 free range hens and we’ve had a relationship with Reid’s for over 15 years. They have excellent service and quality. Their team is very approachable and accommodating especially when I need their professional opinion. Which big companies are not really like that, they just sell the product. I would recommend Reids as a service and product to a neighbour.

Danny Kean
Golden Yolk Freerange Eggs


Reids made it very easy for us to make a customised mix which suits out requirements. We always get timely deliveries and we’ve had no issues even if I do late orders. They work around our needs which is great.

Belinda & Jason Hagan
McIvor Farms


Reids is always up to date with the latest market conditions – what crops are like in Australia, growing conditions, etc. They’ve invested well in growing their business and we get very consistent rations at a very affordable rate. They have very good products that can be customised how you want it and when you need it.

Owen Barry
Wolvie Jerseys

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