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Reid Stockfeeds conducts extensive research and employs a team of nutritionist experts to ensure you get the right produce from your livestock.

animal feed products
Dairy Stockfeed

Keep your dairy cattle fed with the right grain so they produce higher quality and more volume.

Beef Stockfeed

Reid Stockfeeds can provide grain daily to feed your herd and keep them healthy.

Sheep Stockfeed

Our proven performance stockfeed uses long-lasting energy and protein sources that deliver real value.

Poultry Layer Stockfeed

Feeds are produced using high-quality ingredients, designed for optimum performance and product quality.

Pig Stockfeed

Meet the growing requirements of commercial pork production with custom formulated, highly digestible feed solutions.

animal feed products

Commercial vegetarian feed rations available for dairy, sheep, beef, pig and chickens through all good rural outlets as 20kg bags or 800kg bulker bags.

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