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Reid Chicken feeds are produced using high-quality ingredients that are designed for optimum performance and eggs.
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Chicken Feed

If you are looking to buy chicken feed that is of the highest standard and is specifically designed to support the growth and overall productivity of your poultry, then you need to look past all other chicken food suppliers and make the better choice to purchase from Reid Stockfeeds.

We have spent almost four decades perfecting and refining all of our livestock feeds and we are very proud of our product. We know that no other feed is as well-formulated and considered than ours. Many of our customers have unending reserves of praise for our product and that’s why so many of them elect to come to us when they’re looking for chicken feed in bulk for sale.

Buy Australia’s Finest Chicken Feed from Reid Stockfeeds

Our customers have faith and confidence in what they are ordering bulk chicken feed from us as they know that we aspire to be an industry leader of choice. We know that we are a vital cog in the overarching industry and farming and agriculture and we take that responsibility very seriously. Already, we are one of the largest supplies of bulk chicken feed in Victoria as well as one of the most highly regarded suppliers of chicken feed in Warrnambool and we have seen nothing but success in those areas. We’ve also developed a solid and excellent reputation as a supplier of chicken feed in Melbourne but we don’t want to stop there – we want our product and the numerous advantages that comes from using our chicken feed to spread throughout Australia and beyond.

A Variety of Bulk Chicken Feed Available

If you are expecting a one size fits all type of chicken feed for sale, then prepare to have your expectations exceeded. Here at Reid Stockfeeds, we have a plethora of options available to suit the specific and unique requirements of your farm, whether you’re a small farm or a large industrial operation, we’re more than confident that we will have a product, including mixed corn chicken feed, that is perfect for you and your poultry.

Some our bulk chicken feed includes:

  • Reid Chick Start – as the name intends, this feed is intended for freshly hatched chicks until they reach six weeks of age.
  • Reid Chick Grower – this feed is ideal for chicks who need the additional protein and energy required for growth between 6 and 12 weeks of age.
  • Reid Pullet Developer – once your chick becomes a pullet, then this feed will help them to develop from the age of weeks up until the point that they’re at ten days before their first lay.
  • Reid Pre-Layer – this is meant to be used with chickens who are ten days before the point of lay.
  • Reid Pre-Peak Layer – once your chicken as laid their first egg then they should use this feed until their intake increases beyond one hundred grams.
  • Reid Peak Layer – once your chicken’s rate of lay is five percent past peak, then this type of feed is best.
  • Reid Mid Layer – after your chicken has reached a post-peak state (up until fifty weeks of age) then we would recommend using this feed.
  • Reid Late Layer – if your chicken is beyond the fifty weeks milestone, then this is the feed for them.

However, if you’re a free range farmer and therefore lack the ability to introduce a phase feed approach, then do not worry, we have a bulk chicken feed that is catered just for you. Our Reid Gold Layer and Reid Ranger Layer feeds can be used from your chickens’ flock placement in the layer shed, as well throughout their lay.

What else do you need to know about our chicken feed?

Most of our animal feeds, contain a bright yellow pigmenter in order to achieve a DSM Yolk score of twelve to thirteen. Also, our Chick Starter Feed and Reid Pullet Feed have 100ppm lasalocid sodium, which will massively help to prevent incidence of coccidiosis. All of our layer diets are mash rations as it’s generally agreed that pelleted or crumbled diets are not overly beneficial for laying hens.

Our ingredients are selected from a range of quality sources, such as grains, including wheat, barley, and corn. The protein element is created from a mix of soyabean meal, canola, peas and lupins and the minerals are sourced from salt, bicarb, lime, and DCP, as well as other trace minerals (I, Co, Se, Mo, Cu, Zn).

What To Expect When You Buy Our Chicken Feed

First and foremost, you can expect an exemplary feed that is tailored to your requirements and is produced using modern, precision manufacturing technology. You can also expect for it to be produced by someone who is more than proficient and is expertly trained to achieve outstanding results.

You can also expect that all of production is operated alongside thorough and comprehensive quality control and assurance programmes, which is how we have become an ISO Quality endorsed company as well as the very first stock feed manufacturer to achieve the renowned FeedSafe accreditation in Australia. We insist in the best for our customers and that’s why we insist on product quality so that the performance of your poultry is optimised.

By choosing to purchase your chicken stock feed from us, you will be given access to one of our consultant nutritionists who will then work with you and your farm to formulate a feed that is bespoke for you. You will then also have access to ongoing advice and support from our nutritionists, as well as our expertly trained and fully qualified sales and technical service team. We ensure that all of our staff are continually trained and are aware of the most up-to-date information so that they are in the best possible position to support you.

If you want to buy chicken feed that will optimise and maximise the productivity of your poultry, if you want access to a team of staff with almost forty years’ experience within the industry, if you want to take advantage of highly trained experts within the realms of animal nutrition, then make the right choice and choose us for all your chicken feed needs!
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Poultry Stockfeed


Tailored chicken feed

All poultry diets are produced using modern, precision, manufacturing technology and expertly trained staff. 

Reids operate with stringent quality control and assurance programmes. We are an ISO Quality endorsed company and the first stockfeed manufacturer in Australia to achieve a Feedsafe accreditation. 

This ensures product quality and performance is optimum without compromise. 

Nutritionist-planned stockfeed

As a customer, you’ll have access to one of ten qualified ruminant nutritionists, who will  formulate a ration to suit your individual farm requirements and share advice on proper feeding management programmes to ensure whole farm efficiency.

Ongoing advice and support

Our Sales and Technical Service team are fully qualified and trained in ruminant nutrition. They receive continual training in this area to ensure the most up-to-date information is available on an ongoing basis.

Full feeding and performance advice is available from our in-house representatives and expert consultant nutritionists as requested.

General Information

Diets are formulated appropriate to breed requirements including low or high canola levels for Hyline/Lohmann and Isa birds respectively.  

Breed type must be stated when ordering to ensure correct feed for breed is made and delivered. Lime Grit size is 2-4mms to ensure easy layer self-selection of calcium particles in the afternoon. 

All layer diets are mash rations. Pelleted or crumbled diets are not an option or beneficial for laying hens in general.

Ration Ingredients are selected from •  Grains: Wheat, Barley, Corn •  Proteins: Soyabean meal, Canola, Peas, Lupins, •  Minerals: Salt, Bicarb, Lime, DCP, Trace minerals (I, Co, Se, Mo, Cu, Zn) •  Vitamins: all essential vitamins to meet breeder specifications. • Other: Yolk colour included to achieve 12-14 fan colour, •  Enzymes.

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