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Reid Poultry feeds are produced using high-quality ingredients that are designed for optimum performance and eggs.
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Poultry Feed

If you are looking for a poultry feed that is produced using only the best and most nutritious quality ingredients and will help you achieve the optimum performance and produce from your poultry, then Reid Stockfeeds are here to help. We know that there are other poultry feed suppliers out there, but with almost four decades of experience working within the industry, we have honed our skills and expertise to produce a truly exceptional range of products.

Poultry Feed Wholesale Suppliers in Australia

We are one of Australia’s finest poultry premix suppliers, and we can help you feed your poultry from any age. Whether that be our Reid Chick Starter for freshly hatched chicks, our Reid Late Layer for those that have grown beyond fifty months, or any age in-between, we have a product to suit your needs. Take a look at our website and you will see for yourself why we’re considered one of Australia’s most comprehensive poultry feed suppliers.

The Benefits of Purchasing Poultry Feed from Us

In addition to our extensive range, there are a multitude of other reasons why you should choose us for your poultry feed. Firstly, all of our produce can be used to create a poultry diet that is tailored specifically to your livestock. Our diets are created using the most up-to-date and modern forms of manufacturing technology. Moreover all of our staff have a wealth of experience within the industry and are expertly trained to support you. We adhere to a strict regime of quality control and assurance programmes, which has led to us becoming an ISO Quality endorsed company. Additionally, we were the very first manufacturer of stockfeed in Australia to be awarded a FeedSafe accreditation.

Also, by purchasing from us, you will not only reap the benefits of our quality product, you will also have access to at least one of our ten qualified ruminant nutritionists. This specialist will be able to help you to devise a ration that will be bespoke to the requirements of your farm and poultry and they will also be able to share their expertise with you in order improve the overall efficiency of your farm.

We also ensure that all of our sales and technical service team are fully qualified and expertly trained in all necessary areas. We work hard to maintain our team’s continuous professional development so that they only give out information that is at the forefront of our industry’s models of best practice.

The Story of Reid Stockfeeds

Our story is a relatively simple one. We started in 1982 and our original product was made from a small kitchen bench and our produce was delivered in a little red family vehicle. We did not achieve immediate success and only produced and sold forty tonnes of grain in our first year.

However, we persevered with our concept and our dream of producing commercially formulated stock feeds using home grown grain. As time went on, our reputation grew and grew and through the support of our valued customers we went from strength to strength. Despite our success, we maintain the intrinsic values of our family run business and we strive for excellence in all that we do. From the production of our grain to our emphasis on customer service, we aspire to deliver the best overall experience for all our customers.

If you want to take advantage of our expert nutritionists, if you want our continued advice and support, if you want a high quality product, then please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us now!
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Poultry Stockfeed

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