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Reid Stockfeeds is a trusted, family-owned supplier of grain mash blends to the Victorian Dairy Stockfeed industry.


Dairy Products


No two dairy farms are the same

The goals and objectives of every dairy farm are different. Reid Stockfeed’s aim is to help your farm meet its targets. 

Nutritionist-planned stockfeed

As a customer, you’ll have access to one of ten qualified ruminant nutritionists, who will  formulate a ration to suit your individual farm requirements and share advice on proper feeding management programmes to ensure whole farm efficiency.

Ongoing advice and support

Our Sales and Technical Service team are fully qualified and trained in ruminant nutrition. They receive continual training in this area to ensure the most up-to-date information is available in an ongoing way.

High-quality ingredients

All milking rations are made of only high-quality raw ingredients like Wheat, Barley, Maize, Lupins, Peas and Canola Meal.  

Rations can be designed as full finished feeds to be fed direct to your cattle or as profeeds, concentrated rations to mix with other feeds such as whole grain.  

Being both ISO and FeedSafe accredited, our manufacturing and logistical team are also continually trained and processes improved.  

All of this means that Reid Stockfeeds can ensure supply of the highest quality and consistency of any mash grain mix on the market today and is why we are known for ‘The Professional Approach to Feeding”.

Custom-mixed rations

We specialise in custom mixed rations, matching the herd requirements with stage of lactation and pasture quality. 

This nutritionally balanced diet helps lift or maintain peak milk production so you can benefit from a healthier herd and a more profitable livelihood.