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Our proven performance stockfeed uses long-lasting energy and protein sources that deliver real value to the bottom line.
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Sheep Feed

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Sheep Stockfeed


Nutritionist-planned stockfeed

As a customer, you’ll have access to one of ten qualified ruminant nutritionists, who will  formulate a ration to suit your individual farm requirements and share advice on proper feeding management programmes to ensure whole farm efficiency.

Ongoing advice and support

Our Sales and Technical Service team are fully qualified and trained in ruminant nutrition. They receive continual training in this area to ensure the most up-to-date information is available on an ongoing basis.

Directions for Feeding:

Feedlot Introduction
Animals that are to be introduced to a high grain based diet should start being introduced with a ration that is supplemented with highly palatable forage such as lucerne, vetch or oaten hay.  The percentage of grain can be gradually increased over 2- 3 weeks.  The table below is of a typical introduction program for sheep and lambs.

Days % %
  Grain Ration Highly palatable hay
1- 5 20 80
6- 10 40 60
11- 15 60 40
16- 20 70 30
Complete ration 80 20

Paddock Introduction

Animals that are to introduced to grain in a trail feeding situation should have access to highly palatable forage such as good quality hay and or adequate grass.  Never introduce grain based supplements to starving sheep.  Below is a table of a typical introduction program for trail feed sheep and lambs.

Days Grams per head per day Feeding frequency
1- 2  50 Daily
3- 4 100 Daily
5- 6 200 Daily
7- 8 300 Daily
9-10 400 Daily
11-14 500 Daily
15 and there after 1000 Every 2nd day

After 15 days increase by 200g every second feeding until required feed rate is reached.

During the introductory period sheep/ lambs should be kept where they can be closely monitored.  Scouring is the first sign that the animals stomachs are not adapting to the diet.  If an increasing amount of animals scour, increase the forage percentage in the diet until the manure firms up then recommence your introduction program.

When changing between diets ie. Ewe and Lamb to lamb finisher always “shandy” the two diets together for 3-4 days so that the diet change over is unnoticeable to the animals.

Animals should always have access to cool fresh water and shade where possible.