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Lamb Finisher

Lamb Finisher from Reid Stockfeeds is essential to help improve lamb growth rates and yields.

This product is specifically formulated to promote the development of strong, healthy animals.

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Lamb Finisher Specifications

Product Features
Medicated Content
Nutrition Information
Bag Size
Storage Advice
Product Warnings

Ingredients are selected from cereal grains, legumes, limestone, canola oil, molofos, Acid Buff, sodium bicarbonate, salt, magnesium oxide, vitamin/ mineral premix, Flyaxflo, Eskalin (optional).

Product Features

Reid Stockfeeds’ Lamb Finisher is a coarsely crushed grain mix containing barley (starch) and lupins (protein), with a full mineral profile to meet the health and growth demands of lambs. 

A number of our customers have reported growth rates of 300-400g/head/day on 1.2-1.5kg grain/day (ie. 1kg liveweight gain per 4kg of grain). *This is dependent on breed, body condition score and live weight.

This product is suitable for silos, augurs and feeders.

Medicated Content

Our Lamb Finisher contains Lasalocid Sodium 33mg/kg (as Bovatec).

Bovatec is a rumen modifier that works to shift rumen fermentation patterns to improve feed conversion efficiency and increase average daily gains. 

Lasalocid Sodium has also been shown to decrease the incidence of faecal shedding of coccida (Eimeria Spp.) in sheep.

Eskalin is an optional addition but you will need to provide us with a vet prescription.

This product does not contain restricted animal material.

Nutrition Information
COBALT (ADDED) 0.25mg/kg
ZINC (ADDED) 40mg/kg
IODINE (ADDED) 0.25mg/kg
LASALOCID (as Bovatec) 33mg/kg
Bag Size

Available in 20kg, 800kg Bulka bags and in Bulk

Storage Advice
  • Bags: Store in a vermin free, cool dry place, protected from direct sunlight. 
  • Make sure silo is vermin and insect free and cleaned out regularly.
  • Best within 12 months of manufacture date.
Product Warnings
  • Milk: do not use in lactating ewes where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption.
  • This product has been formulated specifically for sheep as described. Feeding it to horses, other equines and dogs may be fatal. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility if this feed is not fed in accordance with recommendations. 
  • This product does not contain restricted animal material.

Convenient and Easy

This coarse crush grain mix is designed for optimal feed conversion efficiency and performance.

Or Phone Us Today on (1300) 7343 3333

Why Feed Reid?

With the right balance of protein and energy to encourage DMI, and starch sources for improved growth rates, this product provides outstanding return on investment.

Lamb Finisher Feeding Directions

  • When changing between diets i.e. from Ewe and Lamb to Lamb Finisher, always combine the two diets together for 3-4 days so that the diet changeover is not noticed by the animals.
  • Introduce grain gradually to avoid rumen upset 
  • Begin at 50 – 100  grams/ head/ day. Once all lambs are consuming the feed, increase by 50 grams/ head/ day up to desired feed rate, before allowing lambs ad lib access.
  • Lambs on ad lib access should consume 3- 3.5% of their live weight in grain per day 
  • Always offer a source of long fibre

Feeding Advice

  • Always provide your sheep with access to clean, fresh drinking water.
  • Make any changes to the diet gradually, to allow rumen adaptation.
  • Never introduce grain to starving/hungry animals.
  • Provide a source of long fibre roughage to optimise rumen function.
  • For further information, speak to one of our qualified nutritionists.

Want More Information?

Consult a qualified nutritionist for further advice about raising healthy lambs that deliver outstanding return on investment.

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