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Yearling Mix

Once they reach 300kg, your dairy cattle need high quality feed to ensure they have a healthy, productive future. 

Yearling Mix from Reid Stockfeeds is specifically formulated to meet nutritional requirements, increase energy status and improve body condition. 

An excellent complement to foraged food, this mix contains premium ingredients that encourage healthy growth and good fertility. 

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Yearling Mix Specifications

Nutrition Information
Bag Size
Storage Advice
Product Warnings

This yearling feed formula is created from a consistent blend of wheat, barley, maize, lupins, peas, canola meal, soya bean meal, canola oil, Molofos ®, vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition Information

Metabolisable Energy: 12 MJME/kg DM
Crude Protein: 16%
Neural Detergent Fibre: 14%
Starch: 40%

Bag Size

Reid Stockfeeds Yearling Mix is available in 20kg bags, 800 kg and Bulk

Storage Advice

Store in a cool dry location, away from vermin and use within six months of manufacture.

Product Warnings
  • Reid Stockfeeds Spring 16 feed is advised to be fed following feeding directions on this page. 
  • Do not dilute with other feed without seeking professional advice. 
  • Do not feed Reid Stockfeeds Spring 16 feed to horses or dogs.

Get Better Results For Your Dairy

Heifers that enjoy good health from birth cycle earlier, calve more easily, compete better in the herd and produce more milk.

Give your yearlings a well-balanced nutrition program to ensure steady growth and productivity.

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Why Feed Reid?

The first two years are essential for productive, healthy dairy cows. 

With the right yearling feed, your cattle will reach their target weight and continue to be high-volume producers.

Yearling Mix Guidelines

Follow these instructions for strong, healthy yearlings:

  • Transition from Reid Stockfeeds Calf Weaner to Yearling Mix once heifers approach 12 months of age. Mix the feeds and gradually move to 100% Yearling Mix over a week.
  • Feed Yearling Mix at 2-4 kg per head per day.
  • Keep Yearling Mix as fresh as possible.
  • Heifers should always have access to fresh, clean ater and high quality forage.
  • Any diet changes should be made gradually.
  • Target growth rates vary by breed, however 600-800 grams of weight gain per day is the expected average.

Tips For Healthy Yearlings

The first two years of a dairy cow’s life are critical for muscle development and frame growth.

Periods of weight loss or slow growth periods may prevent yearlings from reaching their target weights. 

Set target weights for growing heifers and continually monitor these.  

It is up to the individual as to what these target weights should be. 

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