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Eggs 4 Sure

Get quality eggs at high volume with a superior chicken feed solution from Reid Stockfeeds. 

Highly regarded as the best chicken feed for egg layers, our all vegetarian chicken feed contains a combination of raw ingredients and vegetable oils that result in a more productive flock.

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Eggs 4 Sure Specifications

Why It Works
Nutrition Information
Storage Advice
Product Warnings

Eggs 4 Sure is specially created from a selection of ingredients that may include wheat, corn, barley, peas, lupins, soya bean meal and canola meal. 

The chicken feed we supply also includes vegetable oils, limestone, limestone grit, monodicalcium phosphate, salt, sodium bicarbonate, amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals, yolk pigmenter and feed enzymes.


Why It Works

The all vegetarian recipe of Eggs 4 Sure is produced using state of the art grain crushing and mixing facilities.

Grain is evenly ground and combined with raw ingredients and vegetable oils to ensure nutrients are evenly spread through the layer feed.

This precision grinding allows laying hens to specifically select feed particles. Hens favour consumption of grains and protein meals earlier in the day and tend to select more limestone grit particles in the afternoon in preparation for shell formation.

Nutrition Information
Energy 11.5Mj/kg
Crude Protein 16.0%
Fibre (min) 3.0%
Fat (min) 3.5%
Calcium (min) 4.0%
Phosphorus (min) 0.5%
Lysine (total) 0.86%
Methionine (total) 0.38%
Salt (max added) 0.25%
Storage Advice

Store in a dry place where vermin cannot access the feed.

Product Warnings
  • Designed as a complete feed including grit. 
  • Do not blend or dilute with any other feed without seeking professional advice.
  • Supply feed on an ad-libitum (ample) basis and always ensure birds have unlimited access to fresh, clean water.

Get Eggs For Sure, With Eggs 4 Sure

Maximise egg production with the best quality chicken feed for layers.

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Why Feed Reid?

All-vegetarian Eggs 4 Sure offers laying hens a balanced diet and contains all the essential nutrients required for good health, great egg production and high-quality eggshells.

This specially formulated feed will ensure you get the best results from your layers.

Eggs 4 Sure Feeding Directions

  • Feed Eggs 4 Sure for one week prior to point of lay and throughout lay.
  • Do not limit the feed intake of the hens—offer them ample feed. Feed is best offered in self-feeders.
  • Depending on the age and breed of the hens, they should consume between 90g and 130g of feed per day.
  • Offer your hens vegetable scraps in small amounts, to avoid displacing their required intake of Eggs 4 Sure. Otherwise, the hens’ diet will become unbalanced.

Advice From Reid Stockfeeds

  • Eggshells become thinner as hens age. Consider providing extra shell grit to older hens.
  • Hens may go ‘off the lay’ during winter months. Consider providing hens with extra light at that time to provide a minimum day length of 15 hours.
  • Heat stress can kill. Ensure hens have plenty of shade in summer and ensure drinking water is cool.
  • Ensure your birds have plenty of feed available so there is no competing for feed.

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