Putting The Right Feed In Your Silo At The Right Time

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Putting The Right Feed In Your Silo At The Right Time

At Reid Stockfeeds we pride ourselves on putting the right feed in your silo at the right time. This summer, many farms will have good volumes of conserved feed, but the quality of this feed may be low due to late harvest meaning that feeding the correct grain or pellets is even more important.

We know how to combine the on-farm agronomy with the stockfeed in the silo, using feed budgets, farm walks, feed tests and milk urea testing to determine the best ration specifically for you.

When we do a feed budget, we can tell you how much your total feed costs are per litre and how that compares to industry averages. We can also predict future productivity and profit margins after feed costs and identify imbalances between energy, protein and fibre and how to rectify it. We can even do ‘what if’ scenarios and compare alternative strategies to determine which will be best for your bottom line.

To help us with our feed budgets and remove the guess work, we offer our farmers two free feed tests per year and we use milk test strips to determine when to increase protein, how much to feed, what type of protein to feed and when to back off.

We understand seasonal challenges to cow health, fertility and productivity and how to include the correct additives to remedy them. Most cow health problems are manageable with modern ingredients through the feed system. However, we can’t fix something that we don’t know about so Reid encourage our customers to order through their field representative.

Reid Stockfeeds understand how important it is to be able to produce your own home-grown feed. To that end Five Star are now entering our fifth year of a customer driven cropping program in order to grow more green feed outside of spring.

All these services are included free of charge for our customers. All you need to do is ask. As mentioned, this year on many farms there will be ample silage, but its quality may be reduced by delayed harvest and in some cases water damage. Reid have a solution to help with this. Contact your field representative for more information.

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