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Weaner Feed

Raise ‘em right with high-quality feed.

Weaner feed from Reid Stockfeeds is suitable for weaner pigs from 15-30kgs.

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Weaner Feed Specifications

Nutrition Information
Bag Size
Storage Advice

Reid Stockfeeds Weaner Feed is made from a blend of crushed wheat, barley, soybean meal, peas, barley, canola meal, lupins, single cell protein, limestone, Mono dicalcium phosphate, salt, xylanase and phytase enzymes, broad spectrum mycotoxin binder, natural yeast cell additive and a specific vitamin and mineral premix.

Nutrition Information
Digestible energy 14.5 MJ/kg
Crude Protein Min 19.0%
Avail. Lys DE-0.78 g/MJ
Bag Size

Available in 20kg and Bulka bags – 800 kgs

Storage Advice

Store in a clean dry place, away from vermin.

High-quality Weaner Feed

Improve the health and performance of growing pigs.

Or Phone Us Today on (1300) 7343 3333

Why Feed Reid?

Reid Stockfeeds relies on scientific research to create high-quality, nutritious weaner feed for pigs.

Our feed helps enhance efficient, lean growth so your farm achieves the best possible results.

Weaner Feed Information

  • This diet is designed for weaner pigs from 15-30kg of live weight
  • It contains feed enzymes to enhance nutrient availability and also contains a natural yeast derived feed additive to enhance efficient, lean growth
  • It also contains broad spectrum mycotoxin binders and an acidifier for improved health

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