Looking Forward To A Profitable Future

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Looking Forward To A Profitable Future

Since the drought broke 2-3 years ago all sectors of Australian Agriculture have experienced an unprecedented boom. Magnificent seasons, strong demand, and consumer confidence in the quality of Australian Agricultural Produce have all lined up to benefit Australian farmers. In Livestock production stockfeed has been an important part of the production system. Apart from the obvious advantage to local grain growers the purchase, processing, value adding and delivery of quality stockfeed is an integral part of the human food supply chain. Any improvement in that stockfeed component can only benefit livestock producers regardless of which species that your farm is feeding. We think that we can demonstrate how recent changes for Reid Stockfeed and Five Star Stock Feeds can help you.

Reid Stockfeeds have been making and delivering quality grain to Farmers for over 35 years and Five Star Stock Feeds did so for 25 years. Both companies have stood shoulder to shoulder with Beef, Sheep and Dairy Farmers through good times and bad over the years. Both companies realised many years ago that if our customers were not successful, then we could not hope to be successful. Consequently, both Reids and Five Star have employed local advisors who are highly skilled, motivated by and conversant in the needs of farmers and their livestock. Reid Stockfeeds now have field representatives in every corner of the state who can assist you and your farm to achieve outstanding production and excellent animal health. The acquisition of Five Star Stock Feeds is not the end of an era, rather it is the beginning of a newer and brighter future for Victorian Livestock Producers.

Reid Stockfeeds now has five manufacturing mills, strategically located around Victoria that can supply a much broader mix of products including whole grains, crushed grains, pellets and mineral licks for any sheep, beef, pig, poultry or dairy farmer in Victoria, southern New South Wales, or eastern South Australia. As Australian Agriculture continues to advance into a prosperous future Reid Stockfeed will with the acquisition of Five Star Stock Feeds continue a tradition of offering great products, prices and service backed by leading nutritionists.

This season the prices for sheep, beef, poultry, milk, and pigs are all excellent and every livestock farmer should capitalise on them. Reid Stockfeed stand ready to help you do so. All you have to do is ask.

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