Reid Stockfeeds Welcomes Alec Young to its Tech Team

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I was brought up on a dairy farm just out of Stanhope in Northern Victoria; I have two sisters and a younger brother. Mum and Dad (Stuart and Julie Young) milk around 200 cows; my brother is the young apprentice, whilst my youngest sister Jean is studying environmental science and eldest sister Erin works in education. I found the farming lifestyle a very enjoyable place to grow up, even during the tough times of drought and poor milk prices. We always managed a holiday a year and played plenty of sport growing up; I guess we have a reasonably tight family who spend a lot of time with one another whether face to face or on the phone.

I recently completed a bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne where I took a keen interest in Nutrition. I spent four years in Melbourne completing my degree, I just recently moved back home. My Melbourne experience was a lot of fun; I made friends with a lot of people through university, sport and work. I haven’t really missed the city rush since coming home. I play football for Avondale Heights and cricket for Stanhope, neither games I’m overly good at but I enjoy the friendships and experiences both games offer. I live at home on the farm where I like to help out in my spare time; I particularly like working with the cows and calves.

I’m optimistic about the dairy industry and believe there is a future in northern Victoria for dairy farmers. I look forward to working closely with my clients in the future.

New Tech Member of Reid Stockfeeds; Alec Young

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