How M’Dougal Topped The Score

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We’ve featured a few poems recently that have run in the Gippsland Farmer. Here’s one I read recently by Thomas E. Spencer (1845-1910). It captures varying qualities of the “bush” brilliantly. In the interests of brevity the verses will be broken down across the coming weeks. Now that’s suspense! (It starts sombre but comes home with a roar).

How M’Dougal Topped the Score

A peaceful spot is Piper’s Flat. The folk that live around –

They keep themselves by keeping sheep and turning up the ground:

But the climate is erratic, and the consequences are

The struggle with the elements is everlasting war.

We plough, and sow, and harrow – then sit down and pray for rain;

And then we all get flooded out and have to start again.

But the folk are now rejoicing as they ne’er rejoiced before,

For we’ve played Molongo cricket, and M’Dougal topped the score!

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