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Congratulations to Trev and all the Cobden staff who earned “Business of the Month” in the Connecting Cobden Newsletter. Not sure how stiff the competition was but the acknowledgment is nice all the same. Below is the article as it appeared in the Cobden Business Network publication;


Reid Stockfeeds Cobden Staff (L to R): Trevor Gardner, Chloe Warden-Flood, Jarrod van Duynhoven, Lin Martin, Trevor Cotton, Tim Ladhams, Ken Fox, Wayne Robb, Lisa Dickinson, Murray Williamson, Jake Taylor, Bess Lamont & Peter van Duynhoven.

Product Service:

The business manufactures mash feed for dairy, beef, sheep stock and delivers to farms and produce stores in south west Victoria.

Business Background:

Reid Stockfeeds began in 1982 at Colbinabbin (Central Victoria) where Ian and Rosli Reid owned a cropping farm. In that year, Victoria was hit by a drought that placed a lot of pressure on the Reids. To keep afloat, they sold 40 tonnes of  rolled grains and grain mixes to local farmers.

By 1990 they were supplying customers in Gippsland, as well as  the Goulburn and Murray Valleys.  To support this, they purchased a feed business in Trafalgar from V Jean and Sons. By 2002 they had 48 staff and ten delivery vehicles supplying 2000-plus tonnes of feed per week.

In 2007 Reids came to western Victoria  in a joint venture with Langdon Produce – to move this along, they built the new feedmill in Cobden and, in 2010, they purchased the remaining 50% from Langdons to now have a full presence in all three  major dairying regions of Victoria.

More recently, an upgrading of the Colbinabbin plant enabled it to supply feed to the poultry and pork Industries.  The business now employs more than70 people, has 16 delivery vehicles and supplies in excess of 200,000 tonnes of feed to the animal industry.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Reid Stockfeeds:

  1. The business is  family-owned.
  2. All feed is guaranteed to meet stringent quality assurance programs of FeedSafe  and ISO certification.
  3. All incoming commodities used to manufacture feed are sampled, tested and, if not to specification, are rejected.
  4. At Cobden, four qualified nutritional staff assist farmers with their herd health and production.
  5. Every customer has an individual feed ration to meet their production and herd health goals.
  6. Dairy, beef, sheep, pigs and poultry feed are sold.
  7. Truckloads up to 40 tonnes, bulker bags & 20kg bags are delivered  to farms and through produce stores.
  8. There’s no hiding rubbish in mash feed. You get what you see – higher grade wheat, barley etc must be used.  Low quality ingredients cannot be used as a full grain mix is manufactured and sold – not a pelleted feed.
  9. Reids were the first feed manufacturer to gain accreditation in FeedSafe in Australia.
  10. Cobden employs 26 staff, has eight delivery trucks and moves more than 100,000 tonnes per annum.

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