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Here’s a little ditty submitted by master poet Heather Densley. She has penned a number of beautiful poems for the $1000 stockfeed prize being run for best poem in the “Gippsland Farmer”. With no bias whatsoever this one caught the eye;

$1000 of Reid’s Stockfeeds by Heather Densley

I was glancing through the paper, when something caught my eye
Write a bush poem, it said, and you could win a prize
One thousand dollars, I then read,  it nearly sent me mad
This amount of spending money . . .this girl has never had.

I thought of all the things I’d buy, like an orthopaedic mattress for my bed
‘Though hubby thought that he would like  . . .a vibrating one instead!
So I sent an entry off, just for a bit of fun
Never dreaming for a moment, that I could be the one.

Months later the phone it rang,  and much to my surprise
It was the man from Reid’s to tell  . . . that I had won the prize!

Hubby’s eye did cartwheels as he ran around the room
Dreaming of that vintage tractor that he could buy real soon.
Many ideas rushed through my mind, but I’ll buy just what I need
And then the fellow told me . . . .Your prize is in stock feed!

I know it sounds ungrateful and truly I am not,
But how can we feed stockfeed . . to stock we haven’t got?
So as not to waste it, thought we’d use it all ourselves
I bought a heap of containers to line my pantry shelves.

It certainly amused the neighbors . . It really made them laugh
At my neat array of fibre . . Grain, oats and chaff!!
So now every morning, we try a different mix
And if you get constipated, beef mix is sure to fix!

We’ve never been so healthy and our hair has quite ashine
And hubby who used to snore all night is resting now just fine.
So if you have a health problem . . . not quite sure what your body needs
Just call and make an appointment . . . At your local Reid’s Stockfeeds!!

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