Social Wrap – Winter, July 2018

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Let’s kick thing’s off by thanking everyone who contributed to our 2018 customer survey. Certainly not a “sexy” task by any means, but one we’re grateful for as an improvement opportunity and giving a pat on the back to those in the team mentioned for outstanding service. Congratulations to Richard Rayner who was the lucky [...]

Feed planning for Profitability and Risk Reduction

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Usually the largest cash cost on a dairy farm is feed. So, you would expect that most dairy farmers manage their feed resources very closely, on a proactive rather than reactive way. […]

Feed Base Management for Profitability – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

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Due to the extremely dry weather since November 2017, our nutrition team have spent many hours with farmers formulating plans and rations for milk production in the absence of pasture.  […]

Reid Stockfeeds & Murray Goulburn Breakfast, Thurs Sept 28

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Reid Stockfeeds & Murray Goulburn Breakfast 2015 The annual Reid Stockfeeds and Murray Goulburn Breakfast is on again at the South Gippsland Field Days, the morning of Thursday September 28 (8:30am-10am). […]

It’s Not Just Layer Feed – Why Crushed Grains Reign Supreme

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Within a single egg there’s 11 different vitamins and minerals, plus an intense concentrate of proteins and healthy fatty acids such as omega-3. It’s an impressive feat for a hen to produce such a nutritious cocktail every day, a feat that can only be sustained by being well fed each and every day! […]

Ryegrass Staggers – The Mycotoxin Challenge of Summer & Autumn

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The condition commonly known as “Ryegrass Staggers”, or more accurately as Perennial Ryegrass Toxicosis (PRGT), can be a serious and widespread problem in livestock grazing perennial ryegrass dominant pastures during summer and autumn months.  It affects sheep, cattle, horses, dear and alpacas. […]

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