Top Five Tips for Building Remarkable Workplaces

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Farmers in attendance for presentation on best practice recruitment by Mandy Johnson, hosted by GippsDairy at Leongatha RSL.

An excellent seminar was hosted today by GippsDairy through their extension program
with the presentation on recruitment and retention of staff provided by Mandy Johnson; ex-Flight Centre director, author, keynote speaker and consultant regarding employee engagement.

It’s a fascinating area of learning for anyone that employs staff even be it a single farm-hand or manager. In a session jam-packed full of juicy take-aways here were the top five I found personally relevant;

  1. The job market has changed. More jobs now require higher level entry skills than ever before meaning the talent pool has shrunk. What are you doing to attract best talent from a shrinking number of candidates?
  2. Equitable pay is important but not the driving motivator of most people. Criteria such as time, brightness of future, satisfaction/reward, clear feedback and purpose, are oftentimes rated more highly than income.
  3. When advertising jobs communicate benefits not features. Meaning, what positive outcomes will the successful candidate derive from the role rather than the job criteria (features) they need to fit.
  4. Screen candidate for the right attitude not their skill set. Skill sets can be taught and learned, having the right attitude is far more difficult to adjust. Point four is a good segway to point five.
  5. Use open-ended question during interviews and hypothetical scenarios that illicit responses from the candidate which demonstrate strong character traits you are seeking i.e. work ethic, cohesive personality, entrepreneurial, durable attitude, commitment, aspirational.
  6. Bonus number and because five sounds better than six – Provide constant, ongoing informal feedback to staff (once per week in short, casual chats). Helps deal with issues as they arise and allows for subtle redirection in line with high value activities.

More info on Mandy Johnson can be found at: –

For dairy specific info on staffing and employment head to: –

And for more on GippsDairy’s range of informative sessions coming up through their extension program: –

Lastly it would be remiss not to mention the current job we have going for a packaged product position, if you know of someone that would be a perfect match, send them the link: –

Mandy Johnson & Nick Reid

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