Phil van Gent

Sales Manager – Poultry & Pig


Bachelor in The School of Life

Time in Team: 1-year

Region: Statewide

Q1: Cat or dog person and why?

Dog. We have a labradoodle that thinks it’s human with an unbelievable trust in us!!

Q2: One person you’d have to dinner?

Jimeon the comedian because he doesn’t even have to speak and you laugh.

Q3: Best sporting team in the world?

New Zealand All Black Rugby Team. They never give up and are so professional in every match

Q4: What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt in life?

Be honest when you make a mistake as you always get found out in the long run.

Q5: Where is the most unusual place you’ve slept?

On the roofrack of a VW combi van at the Munich beer festival. The less said here the better.

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