Summer means a focus on nutrition

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Reid Stockfeed’s know that currently milk prices are poor – that’s no big news – but they say the season is fantastic.

And that means it’s a good time to focus on maintaining production, says Reid’s Stockfeed sales and technical representative Laura Conheady.

“Although the season is good, we recommend that farmers should be focusing on using their nutritionists to help guide them to maintain production as much as possible as the grass dries off,” she said.

“Grass in many areas is going to head and for weeks now the nutritional value has been deteriorating. We need to catch this with the cows diet otherwise milk production will drop.

“Grain prices are currently good and most farms have plenty of grass, so there are lots of options.”

She said if farmers can maintain production as much as possible, milk production for the overall lactation will be far greater, and should result in more money in the farmers pocket.

“In a lean year, profits are to be made, through a careful profitable feeding approach which can be evaluated on a farm by farm basis by your nutritionists.”

daniel-bacon-reid-stockfeeds-2016-1Reid Stockfeeds has supplied Victorian livestock producers with custom manufactured Stockfeeds fore more than 30 years. They are one of only two Australian companies to have achieved full Feedsafe, ISO and CSL accreditation and are the largest family owned Stockfeed company in Australia.

Article published in The Standard

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