Dairy’s greatest nutritional advancement in the last few decades has come through transition feeding proving its effectiveness to many farmers through improved health, milk production and reproductive success.

A complete transitional diet should tick the major nutritional needs (energy, protein, fibre, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, trace elements, DCAD) for cow, calf and the adapting udder.
Protein in cereal hay is generally lower this season, so it is important to have a leed feed with adequate energy and crude protein (CP). This will in turn influence colostrum quality.

Transition diets with adequate CP can help ensure that calves receive sufficient passive transfer of immunity. We recommend getting hay feed tested this season, so that springers can be managed in the best possible way to have healthy calves, and a productive start to lactation. This is a service we can provide on request.

Springer 16 helps to minimise ketosis pre-calving by encouraging positive energy status, which can assist with higher dry matter intakes in fresh cows. Additional benefits are minimising milk fever (clinical and sub-clinical), grass tetany, displaced abomasums, mastitis, metritis and retained foetal membranes.

Recommended feeding is 3kg/cow/day for 21 days pre-calving, plus ad lib cereal hay. Springer 16 is available in bulk, or at your local store in 20kg bags or 800kg bulka bags.

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