Social Wrap – Winter, July 2018

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Let’s kick thing’s off by thanking everyone who contributed to our 2018 customer survey. Certainly not a “sexy” task by any means, but one we’re grateful for as an improvement opportunity and giving a pat on the back to those in the team mentioned for outstanding service. Congratulations to Richard Rayner who was the lucky candidate for a bulker bag of choice. This survey comment particularly resonated; “The power of a family business is that you see true harmony across the whole work line of the company; effort and passion of your people in the job.” Thanks Belinda, your words are reassuring and appreciated.

Lisa Dickinson representing Victoria for the Stockfeed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA) Emerging Leaders Award. L to R: Ian Reid, Rosli Reid, Max Scales, Lisa Dickinson, Bruce Le Maitre, Phil van Gent

July will sadly see some long-time faces depart and excitingly others arrive. After nine years, our South-West Ruminant Manager, Daniel Allen will be moving with the family to Queensland, pursuing a warmer climate and an opportunity as operations manager of a Stockfeed Mill. To Dan, Mim and family we wish you all the very best in this new adventure. Popular Goulburn Valley nutritionist Dom Conheady will return to the family farm and has promised a personal tour, doubled-up with a snag at Noorat footy training afterwards. As one Conheady departs another arrives with Laura returning after maternity leave. An experienced nutritionist we look forward to our South- West customers benefiting from her insight. Julie Walker begins this month servicing our packaged division in Eastern Victoria and Mark Loving will provide essential inputs around work safety for the team. In other developments Sander Nijskens will take on my role as Sales & Marketing Manager as I take over from Dad and he…, dusts off the clubs?

Covering events news there’s an opportunity coming up on Wednesday, August 08 for our Goulburn Valley customers to attend a Grain Risk Discussion with two special guest speakers covering topics on why they take out grain contracts and how they make those decisions to limit their average feed-costs across the year. While in Gippsland on Thursday September 28th we’ll be partnering with Fonterra for the first time in hosting the South Gippsland Dairy Expo breakfast. Each year is a full house with entertaining presentations so be sure to get your RSVP’s in nice and early.

“Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good-night!” – The tech team bonding over tiki torches during a quarterly training session. L to R: Phil van Gent, Sander Nijskens, Ross Winfield, Daniel Espinosa, Bec Wyper, Dom Conheady, Rachael Tromp, Daniel Allen & Daniel Bacon.

Back in 2002 we made the finals list for the Telstra Business Awards, and in 2018 we’ve made the grade again for the “Medium & Making Waves” division. It’s a privilege to be a part of this award which thoroughly analyses the business across all its departments. All our team from millers, drivers, admin and gardeners (yes you Pete) play a part in this achievement. Thanks to all for your dedication. Telstra have promised free phones for everyone if we win. No not really, but it would be nice wouldn’t it?

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