Footy Tipping 2016 © Nick Reid

It’s year-two for RSF Top Tippers with 27 entering last year we hope to double those numbers and make the job of back-to-back just that wee bit harder for Top Tipper 2015 Rebecca Sutherland. The only criteria? That you’re a current customer, supplier or RSF team member. Easy peesy.

Here’s the crux of it all;

Winning Prizes:

TopTipper: $1000


It’s very easy to sign up just click “join here” and you will be taken through the online sign-up with where you can click on your preferred teams each week, it even sends a weekly reminder! If you’re smart phone savvy you can also download the free app (look up “footy tipping” in the app store. It will be first listed).

The competition which you will need to join is called RSFtoptippers.
Password: RSFtoptippers

Please pass this page onto any customers, employees or suppliers of the company who you may think will be interested. We’d love to have as many of the Reid Feed community involved as possible.

Entrance fee:

$10 (all money reinvested as spot prizes in Rd 6,12, 18 & GF), let’s keep it interesting for the stragglers).

Payment to be made into following account;

Bank: NAB

Account Name: RSFtoptippers

BSB Number: 083-449

Account Number: 243-163-170

** Under Remitter Name please be sure to leave your full name so we can identify your payment.

To be eligible for competition payment needs to be made by 7:00pm on Thursday, March 24 (Richmond v Carlton).

A Monday morning update will be posted to our Facebook page during the course of the season for an updated look at the leaderboard.

Good luck (not that I want you to have it).


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