Raising funds for Breast Cancer Sufferers

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Each year we try and do our bit to give back to worthy causes and support others in the community who haven’t been so lucky with their roll of the dice. For the past 5-years one of those causes has been raising money for the ongoing development of South-West Health Care’s oncology unit, which treats and supports sufferers of breast cancer. These efforts have raised in excess of $38,000 during this time. The consequence of this is that breast cancer sufferers can be treated in the familiar surrounds of the local community rather than having to undergo the stress of travel to Melbourne.

This year we’re getting behind South-West Healthcare in an attempt to amass $6,282 for the purchase of a new chemo chair to be installed in the newly built South-West Regional Cancer Hospital.

If you would like to give back to those suffering from this devastatingly, life altering event please print and fill out the form below. Mail to; PO BOX 85, Cobden, Vic 3266 or alternatively donate the money to our office staff at any of our three mill sites.

Print BCNA Customer Donation Form p2

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