Quarterly Ruminant Nutrition Catchup

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Many thanks to Chris Melville and Gary “Boots” of Camperdown Dairy for the extremely insightful tour of a dairy processor operation. To Geoff Irish and Christine Clarke of Auspac for the technical advise around mineral additives to consider this summer, and the Warrnambool Cheese and Butter team for an educative lecture on farm gate payment options. Finally congratulations to Sander Nijskens for recognition of excellence in the last three months.

Geoff Irish from Auspac gives up the dirt on Betaine use in combatting heat stress of dairy cows.

Chris Melville, manager of Camperdown Dairy gives the open house treatment to nutrition team.

“Boots” and Chris delivering an insightful talk on the origins of Camperdown Dairy and their connection with Aussie Farmers Direct.

Goulburn Valley ruminant nutritionist, Dom Conheady, considering a side career in modelling work.

The Reid Stockfeed nutrition crew get together for an old Uncle Arthur.

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