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Start em Up

Young, growing cattle need the best start in life so they can deliver the best results for your farm. 

Start em Up cattle feed is ideal for creep feeding calves or feeding poddy calves. 

The tasty blend is formulated with the high-quality energy and protein sources that developing calves need.

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Start em Up Specifications

Why It Works
Nutrition Information
Bag Size
Storage Advice
Product Warnings

Start em Up is specially created from wheat, barley, corn, almond hulls, lupins, peas, canola meal, soy bean meal, urea, canola oil, Molafos, limestone, salt, dicalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium bentonite, magnesium oxide, magnesium sulphate, Acid Buff, vitamin/trace mineral premix and fylaxflo.


Why It Works

Formulated for young, growing cattle, this product is ideal for use in creep feeding calves or feeding poddy calves. 

It contains a palatable grain blend that is formulated with quality energy and protein sources to enhance rumen development, improve growth and provide lifetime feed conversion efficiency.

Fortified with a balanced supply of minerals and vitamins for the production of strong healthy calves, Start Em Up also includes: 

  • A rumen buffer, to reduce the risk of digestive upsets.
  • Monensin sodium, to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis, improve feed conversion and encourage better growth rates.
Nutrition Information
Product Start Em Up
Liveweight Range Birth to 150kg
Stock Class Creed feeding calves, hand-reared calves
Feed rate Up to 1% of liveweight
Available In 20kg, 800kg, Bulk
Typical Analysis

(Dry Matter Basis)

ME (MJ/kgDM) 12.5
Crude Protein % 18%
NDF % 19%
Starch % 40%
Monensin Yes
Urea No
Bag Size

Available in 20kg , 800kg Bulka bags and in Bulk

Storage Advice
  • Bags: Store in a vermin free, cool dry place, protected from direct sunlight. 
  • Make sure silo is vermin and insect free, and cleaned out regularly.
  • Best within 12 months of manufacture date. 
  • Please dispose of packaging thoughtfully.
Product Warnings
  • This product has been formulated specifically for cattle as described. 
  • Feeding horses, other equines and dogs may be fatal. 
  • The manufacturer accepts no responsibility if this feed is not fed in accordance with recommendations. 
  • This product does not contain restricted animal material.

Start em Up Right

Start em Up cattle feed tastes great and is specially formulated for growing beef cattle.

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Why Feed Reid?

Your herd needs to be in the best of health from birth to maximise outcomes for your farm. 

Start Em Up has the ingredients and nutrients growing calves need to stay strong and well.

Start em Up Feeding Advice

  • Start em Up is specially formulated for cattle from birth to 150kg
  • Feed up to 1% of liveweight
  • Always provide access to clean, fresh drinking water
  • Make any changes to the diet gradually, to allow rumen adaptation
  • Never introduce grain to starving/hungry animals
  • Provide a source of long fibre roughage to optimise rumen function
  • For further information, speak to one of our qualified nutritionists

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