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Vegetarian Sow Feed

Keep your sows healthy during their gestational period with high quality, specially formulated feed. 

Packed with natural additives, Reid Stockfeeds Dry Sow Feed is purpose-made to maximise reproductive performance and milk production.

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Vegetarian Dry Sow Feed Specifications

Nutrition Information
Bag Size
Storage Advice

Vegetarian Dry Sow Feed is made from a blend of crushed wheat, barley, soybean meal, peas, barley, canola meal, lupins, single cell protein, limestone, Mono dicalcium phosphate, salt, xylanase and phytase enzymes, broad spectrum mycotoxin binder, natural yeast cell additive and a specific vitamin and mineral premix. 

Nutrition Information
Digestible energy 13.0 MJ/kg
Crude Protein Min 14.5%
Avail. Lys DE-0.45 g/MJ
SID Lysine 0.59%
Bag Size

Available in 20kg and Bulka bags – 800 kgs

Storage Advice

Store in a clean dry place, away from vermin.

High Quality Vegetarian Dry Sow Feed

Keep your gestational sows in the very best of health.

Or Phone Us Today on (1300) 7343 3333

Why Feed Reid?

Reid Stockfeeds uses scientific research to create nutritious feed for sows during the gestation period.

This vegetarian feed is purpose-designed to encourage a healthier pregnancy and a higher rate of live births.

Vegetarian Sow Feed Information

  • This diet is designed for gestating sows
  • On smaller farms, this diet may also be used to raise select gilts
  • This diet should be offered at 2.8-3.0 kg per day for the first 30 days and last 21 days of gestation
  • A feeding level of 2.2-2.5 kilos is suggested from day 30 to 95 of gestation
  • The diet is designed to optimise reproductive performance and longevity
  • The diet contains feed enzymes for enhanced nutrient availability
  • It also contains a broad spectrum mycotoxin binder for protection against mycotoxins, which may be present in feed, bedding or silos
  • The vitamin and mineral premix contains organic minerals to enhance longevity and health
  • The diet contains a laxative, to help avoid constipation and reduce unnecessary stillbirths
  • The diet also contains an acidifier for improved health
  • During the summer months, (November through to March), the diet also contains an osmoregulator to assist the sows during periods of heat stress. 

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