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Sufferance from depression can come about from a range of causes between work related and personal issues. Amongst which but not limited to are the following negative stimuli;

• work overload     • interpersonal conflict     • bullying/harrassment     • change difficulty
• general anxiety   • relationship issues     • parenting issues     • grief/loss    • life balance
• substance abuse     • gambling addiction     • domestic violence    • anger management

With an increasing focus on depression and counselling services available such as LifeWorks, depression is no longer a lone battle in silence.  We have recently subscribed to the services of Lifeworks for both our employees and their immediate family members. Their service is made free and confidential to employees either through supported referral (manager, supervisor or work colleague recommends seeking treatment) or via self referral (person independently contacts LifeWorks).

A representative from LifeWorks will attend all stockfeed mill sites over the coming months to give a presentation on how the program can work for them, should personal circumstances become too troubling.

We encourage all our staff and their family to use this service should the need arise. Life can have some pretty crazy, unexpected twists and there’s no reason why anyone should have to suffer in silence.

LifeWorks Hotline: 8650 6262

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