Mark Lourey of Feedworks recently updated customers and technical staff present at our feed pad tour with information regarding hay availability this season. Below are the key takeaways of that discussion;

Hay Report © Reid Stockfeeds 2014 001

— Hay down on yields. Hay contacts need to be spoken with early regarding volume and quality requirements.

— Feed-test hay. Variable quality. Drought affected cereal crops cut for hay will test high in water soluble carbohydrates (25-30%) and 50% or below in NDF, this represents good value.

— Mice smell. Can reduce dry matter intake in cows.

— Long cure times. Be wary of hay that has taken >10-days to cure. Mould and yeast growth in the wind-row could mean susceptibility to fire if moisture gets on it.

— Canola Hay availability. Maybe on the market this year. If cut as soon as plant has lost flowers will represent value at $40-50 cheaper than vetch hay.

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