Hmmm. It was shaping up to be a great season. Unfortunately, its turning out to be awful! Due to the terrible wet weather we are facing another season of uncertainty at the time of writing.

It’s probable that much of the milling quality grain will be down-graded to stockfeed quality. Whilst this may seem to be a commercial advantage for dairy farmers, we have already seen lots of moulds on new seasons grain, which will potentially have a very negative impact on milk production and potentially conception rates. Mouldy grain should be treated with caution. It poses a problem to human health as well as livestock.

As a stockfeed manufacturing company, we have made the decision to include a mycotoxin binder in all our feeds in an effort to minimise mycotoxin problems. Mycotoxins are an ever present problem, but this year we think it will be a huge problem (bigger than Ben Hur).

We have run trials with clients in recent years, and have recorded milk production responses when using a mycotoxin binder. I anticipate good results with our decision to include a binder in all our feeds.

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