“Eggs 4 Sure” Kicking Goals

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Received some nice feedback in recent times regarding our popular “Egg 4 Sure” layer feed. Here’s how they see it;

Michael Coates, Thornbury:

“We switched feeds when we couldn’t get ‘Eggs 4 Sure’ and found it just didn’t have enough calcium so we had a few problems including eggs breaking inside them. We switched back to ‘Eggs 4 Sure’ and within a week the girls were back to perfect hard shells. I will forever sing the praises of Reid Stockfeeds. Not just the best feed for our girls, but the best service for a very small customer. We will not stray elsewhere again.”

Kath Spokes, Boorcan:

“My small flock of hens have never laid so well – I’m really pleased I changed to Eggs 4 Sure!!”

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