Don’t be complacent with your Autumn Calvers.

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With Widespread Summer rains there has been ample dry feed available for dry cows in most areas. This has resulted in many dry cows at Body Condition Score 5 or above. This doesn’t mean that they will calve in without any hassles. In fact, cows in better condition are more susceptible to metabolic upsets at calving time, due to issues revolving around excess fat mobilisation, and so the usual care needs to be taken to ensure that these cows have a smooth transition into the milking herd.

The quality of fodder available to feed to Springers is generally lower this season, and this will lead to reduced energy intakes at the time they need it most, further adding to the possibility of excess fat mobilisation (as the cow attempts to cover her energy deficit problem) and the associated metabolic problems. A specially formulated lead feed concentrate can provide the extra energy they need, as well as preventing metabolic disorders. A small investment will lead to higher production, improved reproduction, and much lower Vet bills – and with Autumn Calving cows selling for $1800-2000, they are much too valuable to take a chance on!

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