Superstars: Deanne Kennedy & John Hutchison of Jaydee Events & program facilitators for Cows Create Careers.

Yesterday I had the privilege and pleasure to attend the end of year wrap-up for primary and secondary schools involved in Cows Create Careers Gippsland. A dozen schools attended (rough guess) with a few hundred students actively participating (double rough guess). Program coordinators, John Hutchison and Deanne Kennedy of Jaydee Events expertly weave the show together with an equal mix of participation from students, teachers, farmers and industry supporters. The Cows Create Careers program has been run by the pair since the early 2000s and aims to educate our young people about the great industry of dairy, the many career avenues and the nutritional benefits that dairy brings to your diet. John and Deanne deliver this message with the assistance of farmers and sponsors into schools around the country with school kids learning about how to feed and care for a calf whilst receiving educational lessons delivered in a humorous, interactive style designed as much for enjoyment as learning.

I’ve always wanted to see our Gippsland nutritionist, Daniel Espinosa dance the flamenco and yesterday as he ran around the room with a pedometer-heart-rate-monitor on his head I realised in that moment it might be the closest I come to it. Thanks for the memories John and Deanne and long may you be able to entertain and educate the youth of Australia around the greatness of dairy. Cheers, Nick.

Luke & Aaron getting in some solid farmer kneels here. Points to Luke for getting a stronger right angle and leaning into it.

School kids getting into the spirit of it as John warms up the crowd.

Apologies to any school kids featured. I flunked my Journalist Cert I by failing to follow-up on names. But this young lad was enjoying himself that’s for sure.

Boy that’s my definition of peer pressure.

“The Incredibles” need to watch out. These guys are moving in on their turf.

I’m hoping our nutritionists weren’t wearing these during my presentation earlier in the week.

Deano featured here with one of his pupils. A rare name I did learn when 20 of his student loudly dubbed him in to jump up the front.

This face from Poowong Primary School looks very familiar. Luke, Mel, any suggestions?

Aaron Bailey of Maxcare asking me to check for an ulcer? No mate, looks all clear.

Daniel Espinosa getting ready to do the flamenco or crazily run about the room but I like to think the former.

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