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We sponsor a monthly bush poem competition through the “Gippsland Farmer”. From time to time we’ll bring you a little sampler of the creative wordsmiths out there (author’s unknown for competition integrity);

“Farming Life”

What about a real bush poem to remember the farmers plights. Watching over calving heifers on dark and stormy nights.

Then the calf sales come around farmers hope to get a good price. For those high country calves look magnificent and a big cheque would be nice.

Most farmers arise early every morning just on break of day. Some to milk their dairy herds, then feed out bales of hay.

Springs a very busy time of year for harvesting is drawing nigh. So machinery has to be checked as the grass is growing high.

The pastures cut – the silage made next comes baling of the hay. Yes a farmers life is busy he works hard every day.

Someone else works quite hard and that’s the farmers wife. She turns her hand to many jobs but really enjoys the life.

Sheep farmers are busy at shearing time they have already crutched the flock. The shearing team have all arrived then it’s a race around the clock.

For shearers work fast trying to ‘ring’ the team to obtain the highest tally for the day. It’s one of the hardest jobs I believe they certainly earn their pay.

Farming life can be very stressful for the seasons play a major part. There can be droughts or fires or even floods, it’s enough to break their hearts.

But with hard work and determination they carry on – no time to waste. Rebuilding fences, replacing livestock and a bank loan to face.

So, to all the farmers on the land you are the backbone of the country. You supply all our meats and dairy products our coffee and our tea. Out vegetables, fruit and eggs, our wool and cotton too.

So thanks to all the farmers as I say a fond adieu.


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