Belinda Shaw Receives Victorian Development Award

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Belinda was written up on the front page of the July, Traf News recently. By all accounts she hasn’t let the new found media fame go to her head. Here’s the article as it appeared in the paper.

Seven years could be a long time in a male dominated industry such as Stockfeed milling but Reid Stockfeeds Belinda Shaw has embraced the challenge and worked her way from production hand to production manager at the Trafalgar manufacturing site. Her acumen for running a smooth, uninterrupted operation was recently recognised by the Stockfeed Manufacturer’s Council of Australia (SFMCA) at the Australasian Milling Conference held on the Gold Coast. Belinda was chosen amongst applicants from technical services, sales, administration and production backgrounds to receive the Victorian Development Award.

The Development Award granted Belinda an expenses paid trip to the three-day conference, followed by a seven-day study tour of wide ranging business in the NSW Stockfeed industry.  “I learnt that very little in the industry goes to waste. An ever growing population means food consumption increases, as does livestock, protein requirements and the feed needed to meet that demand.”

Paradoxically the greatest challenge and reward for Belinda has been in maintaining a positive and rewarding environment for her team. Her successes in leading the production staff have been bedded in a philosophy to lead by example and never ask anything of others that she wouldn’t be prepared to undertake herself. Ian Reid director of Reid Stockfeeds states, “We greatly appreciate Belinda as she strikes a great balance of having genuine care for her staff while ensuring that customer’s orders are honoured on time, without fuss”.

The disparity between women and men in the production side of the industry has never been a concern for Belinda who believes you shouldn’t let gender define your career path and just go for whatever it is you enjoy in life regardless of background.  “Agriculture as a career has a lot to offer. It’s a fantastic industry with a diverse range of occupations” explains Belinda.

In her spare-time Belinda enjoys cooking, growing vegetables, preserving and fishing her favourite water at Shallow Inlet, Sandy Point. A pretty great combination by all accounts if you’re ever fortunate enough to get a dinner invitation to the Shaw household.

Congratulations Belinda on such a great achievement.

Belinda Shaw



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