Backyard Chickens – Tips & Tricks 3

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Barry is back from romantic rendevous in far East Gippsland to demonstrate his enthusiasm for Eggs 4 Sure. Phil van Gent takes us through the components of a well-balanced chicken diet, including what food scraps to avoid feeding your feathered friends.

NICK REID (NR): Why is a fully balanced diet, with some supplementary feed important to the health and life of a bird?

PHIL VAN GENT (PVG): Well, it’s just like us, we need feed to survive, so do the hens and that’s why our Eggs 4 Sure feed is fully balanced. It’s got all the essential vitamins and minerals, and especially one of the more important is the limestone grit helps break down the grains in the gizzard of the bird so they’re getting the nutrients out of that.

The fine limestone we have in the feed goes into the bloodstream, that helps also with formation of the birds’ eggshell. As a bird gets older, the eggshell will get more brittle and that’s why we have an oversupply of calcium in the diet to help that shell quality.

NR: So, there’s three different types of feed on the market. There’s whole grain scratch mix, there’s your pelleted form of feed, and then there’s your Eggs 4 Sure, which is more of a crushed, loose mix. Where do the advantages on that complete loose mix such as Eggs 4 Sure, come into play against your other alternatives with the whole grains and the pellets.

PVG: With the crushed grains in the diet, you’ve got your wheat, your maize and barley, there’s soy, your major source of protein. The birds are very selective in feeding. In the morning, they’ll be selecting maybe all the crushed grains in that, and then in the afternoon, they may be tackling the limestone grit and that’s for the eggshell in the afternoon. In our mash, the way it’s presented, they certainly get to select as they wish. They’ll also forage for worms and bugs and stuff. If they only were fed the Eggs 4 Sure that’s all they need. You don’t need to supplement them with anything else.

Some people want to give them scraps, which is fine, but you just need to be careful because certain scraps like raw potato and avocados and citrus peel – large amounts can actually become toxic to the birds. And then if you feed them too much of let’s say, onions or garlic or fish, it can actually taint the taste of the egg, which is not what you want. So that’s why again, the Eggs 4 Sure a fully balanced diet. It’s all they need.

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