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Biosecurity became a hot topic this quarter with regular farm intrusions by Animal Activists and an egg recall issued by government authorities affecting retailers across multiple Eastern States. Salmonella enteritidis was the culprit for this recall, an “exotic” strain of salmonella located inside the egg which has human health implications when the egg is consumed raw.

In response to this threat management at RSF immediately reviewed what could be done to reduce risk. Understanding that feed is one amongst many external contact points introduced to the farm the best approach to this topic is education. By consequence we had twenty of our largest commercial egg producers attend a meeting in Head Office with three key speakers canvassing topics such as best practice animal husbandry to minimise harmful bacteria and what RSF were implementing to strengthen our biosecurity. Amongst these measures are installation of facilities at our sites to treat grain and meals for harmful bacteria, spray stations for trucks and more frequent auditing of our sites by management to uphold the best standards of mill hygiene possible. Effectively making our mills audit ready every-day of the week. These changes are too numerous to mention in this column but a huge thanks to our operations team who have accepted the challenge and noticeably improved our average standard of cleanliness.

A personal drive of mine has been to improve communications both amongst our internal team and to our customer base. This theme will continue into the next quarter as we roll-out installation of technology which will allow us to send an automated SMS to the customer outlining; when the feed will arrive, who the driver is and what truck has been sent. In a similar way to Australia Post increasing transparency of communication with parcel deliveries we hope this opt-in service for customers can remove some of the uncertainties associated with who is coming and when?

Are you considering installation of a new feed silo? A number of customers have recently taken up the option of financing new silo purchases through our Silo Loan Deal which allows for a 12-month, interest free repayment. Something to consider if there’s a requirement to either replace or magnify your finished feed storage capacity.

You would’ve been camping deep inside Victoria’s Alpine National Park not to have heard about Animal Activists staging shut-down protests of Melbourne’s CBD and invading numerous farms, agri hospitality businesses and animal processing facilities. The right to protest is a well-held and beneficial aspect of a democratic society but the wanton invasion of businesses/homes and militant zealous attitude toward animal product consumption is not. If you feel similarly about this then head to the Australian Farmers petition to strengthen trespass laws – As we dive headstrong into a Federal Election every vote makes a difference.


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