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Without sounding too much like we’re tooting our own trumpet, a coffee table book of Reid Stockfeed’s history called “Ingrained” was published earlier this year. We’re proud to play a small part in Australia’s food chain and this history book traces the origins of our business from its meagre outset, steering off farming bankruptcy, to today dealing with 500-600 customers per month. If you are a long-time customer of Reid’s (let’s define that by ten plus years) and have not received a copy, please let your local nutritionist know and we’ll make arrangements for delivery. Our loyal customers are what has helped us carve out an existence in the great game of agriculture and are therefore deserving recipients of the story.

This opener acts as a nice segue way into congratulating;

  1. Math of Gippsland,
  2. Kevin & Faye Fitzsimmons of the GV &
  3. Anthony Farrer of SW Vic

Ross Winfield & Daniel Bacon roving the taps.

Time to down the apron guys and treat yourself to a dinner on us. You’ve been with us for the long haul and keep your finances in check; we want to recognise that by sending some vouchers your way. This is an initiative we look forward to arranging every few newsletters or so.

A big welcome to Wade Foley (Colbinabbin miller), Travis King (Trafalgar miller) Aaron Maher (Colbinabbin driver) and Kate Fairlie (Trafalgar Nutritionist). It takes a lot of spokes to make the wheel go around, so thanks for your contribution and we hope you enjoy your time here at Reid’s. On a sadder note we wish SW nutritionist, Laura Conheady all the best as she takes on a new challenge, heading back to the farm with husband Wil and daughters Evie and Olivia. We will miss your cheerful demeanour Laura, but look forward to catching up with you and the wider Conheady clan in future times.

It’s fair to say the grain market has been a volatile beast these past few months, without yet showing any signs of settling into a pattern of pricing behaviour. Uncertainty remains as traders still lack confidence in the new season’s domestic crop. While early crop rains have setup Victoria, WA and SA for a decent start, serious concern remains in NSW where a large percentage of the national crop is traditionally harvested. Internationally the European crop looks set for a buoyant harvest based on the five-year average. Pig Swine Fever continues to wreak havoc on China’s national pig stock with an estimated 20-30% of their herd wiped out (equivalent to 60% of US pig stock). This may lead to reduced exports into China of Australian wheat, barley and sorghum. In the US concerns remain around the emergence of corn and soybean as wet weather continues to hinder crop emergence. What this means for new season crop prices is too big of a question for this column. One thing is for certain, the person informed is forewarned. Get yourself up-to-speed through weekly updates from our commodity manager Marcus Dingle. If you’d like to be added to the weekly grain’s update contact Marcus on

On the night of June 12 we hosted 75 customers at a social night for Goulburn Valley customers. A terrific night where we; farewelled long-time Colbinabbin driver Bryan Griffiths, worked through a Reid Stockfeeds quiz that included pearlers such as “what was Ian Reid’s first semi-truck?” and admired Daniel Bacon’s gracefulness on the bowling green. Well done to our GV Nutritionists, Bec and Bac’s for putting on a memorable night.

Reid Stockfeeds Colbo Team (L to R): Sander Nijskens, Bec Wyper, Ross Winfield, Rosli Reid, Bryan Griffiths, Daniel Bacon, Lyn Frans & Marcus Dingle.

By the end of July, as a customer of ours you should start receiving SMS notifications from our truck fleet notifying you of your driver’s scheduled arrival time. I’m writing this with a nervous twitch in my fingers as it’s never a great idea to promise something ahead of time but here’s hoping this statement creates some fierce accountability.

We currently have two second-hand, Dual Cab, Triton Utes (250,000km) for sale within our business. They have been detailed inside and out, come with a roadworthy and would need to be picked up from our Colbinabbin base. If you are interested in receiving more details on this contact our Colbo site manager, Jeff – will be able to forward you a link to relevant page.

Good luck to everyone in the new financial year. Whatever your livestock vocation, I hope the agricultural cycle swings in your favour.

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