The ALS Icebucket Challenge

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ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a motor neurone disease with no known cure. It destroys the nerve endings needed for functioning muscles. Those diagnosed on average live for a further 2-5years after showing recognisable symptoms.

Rob and Nick were nominated by Brintons Fine Carpet to take part in the challenge and to donate $10 each to Motor Neurone Research (MNR) in doing so.

The challenge has been completed and money banked to MNR. Now it’s the turn of those nominated in the video (you’ll have to watch to know who). 24hrs to complete the task, video it, donate $10-each and nominate another party each. Nominees can choose to take the penalty option and instead donate $30 a pop but where’s the fun in that?

Online donations toward finding a cure for ALS can be made at Motor Neurone Australia.

Don’t understand the motivation for an Icebucket fundraiser. Watch this and be grateful for a healthy body……

Motor Neurone Australia

ALS America

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