Project Description

Position: Packaged Product Representative 

Time in Team: <1-year

Region: Eastern Victoria

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Q1. Cat or dog person and why?

Canines, felines, & bovines… I love having a fury menagerie to extend the family.

Q2. One person you’d have to dinner (can’t be family or friend)?

Kurt Fearnley. A couple of years ago I attended a Conference where Kurt was speaking.  I had trouble comprehending his list of massive achievements because of the tears of admiration streaming down my face.  Would be inspiring to hear his story again.

Q3. Best sporting team in the world and why?

Australian Netball Diamonds – 11 times World Champions.

Q4. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt in life?

“There are no degrees of honesty”.

Q5. Where is the most unusual place you’ve slept?

I once slept in a hotel corridor in Banff, Canada in the middle of winter as my roommate locked me out.