All vegetarian – natural grains & vegetable proteins.

16% protein, backyard layer grain mix.

Very popular, complete backyard layer feed. Consists of crushed grains and essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal backyard layer health. Laying hens need a diet which provides enough energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to reach maximum laying potential.

Eggs 4 Sure has a complete supply of lime and grit for strong shells. The colour of an egg yolk is directly influenced by the makeup of the feed the chicken is consuming. Egg yolk colour is improved by fat soluble pigments such as carotenoids found in maize.

Eggs 4 Sure is stocked throughout Victoria in most major feed agricultural stores.

Michael Coates, Thornbury:

“I will forever sing the praises of Reid Stockfeeds. Not just the best feed for our girls, but the best service for a very small customer. We will not stray elsewhere again.”

Kath Spokes, Boorcan:

“My small flock of hens have never laid so well – I’m really pleased I changed to Eggs 4 Sure!!”

For further information regarding retail locations of Eggs 4 Sure please refer to our bag stockist page.