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Early Lay 95                     Peak Lay 105               Mid Lay 110                                             

Post Peak 115         

Producer Confidence Statement/Declaration

Reid Poultry feeds are produced using high quality ingredients that are designed for optimum performance and product quality when fed to known feed intakes within general laying periods as indicated by each designer diet above. All poultry diets are produced using modern, precision, manufacturing technology and expertly trained staff. Reid’s operate with stringent quality control and assurance programmes such as being an ISO Quality endorsed company & the first stockfeed manufacturer in Australia to achieve a Feedsafe accreditation.  This ensures product quality and performance is optimum without compromise.  Full feeding and performance advice is available from our in-house representatives and expert consultant nutritionalists as requested.


General Information

Diets are formulated appropriate to breed requirements including low or high canola levels for Hyline/Lohmann and Isa birds respectively.  Breed type must be stated when ordering to ensure correct feed for breed is made and delivered. Limegrit size is 2-4mms to ensure easy layer self selection of calcium particles in the afternoon. All layer diets are mash rations. Pelleted or crumbled diets are not an option or beneficial for laying hens in general.

Ration Ingredients are selected from •  Grains: Wheat, Barley, Corn •  Proteins: Soyabean meal, Canola, Peas, Lupins, •  Minerals: Salt, Bicarb, Lime, DCP, Trace minerals (I, Co, Se, Mo, Cu, Zn) •  Vitamins: all essential vitamins to meet breeder specifications. •  Other: Yolk colour included to achieve 12-14 fan colour, •  Enzymes.