Insect Protein Spreading Its Wing’s

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There is a growing buzz around the potential for insects to be farmed on urban industrial sites and processed as livestock feed in Australia. A growing swarm of interest globally is being replicated locally. CEO of GoTerra, Olympia Yarger However, for an Australian industry to develop, proponents think there needs to be greater [...]

What’s Grain Doing this Season?

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Weather conditions, international markets, freight costs and animal nutrition needs are all factors that ReidStockfeeds’ (RSF) commodity team keep in mind when they are sourcing grain and legumes. This season has seen some unusual things occur with the cereal harvest, in particular the effect of demand from northern Australia’s farmers with ongoing drought. According to [...]

“Hay” what’s going on?

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Talking with a buyer from a large Victorian hay exporter today it probably cemented what I thought was going on in the domestic hay business. The exporter – Steve said, “if you haven’t secured your hay requirements for the year then it’s probably too late”. He was referring particularly to domestic hay in the Wimmera [...]

Summer means a focus on nutrition

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Reid Stockfeed’s know that currently milk prices are poor – that’s no big news – but they say the season is fantastic. And that means it’s a good time to focus on maintaining production, says Reid’s Stockfeed sales and technical representative Laura Conheady. […]

Ruminant Nutrition – Summer Placement Opportunities

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Reid Stockfeeds are offering a 3 month industry Summer placement for University students studying (or who have studied) an Agricultural related degree and hold a strong interest in the betterment of animal livestock feeding. […]

RSF Ladies to receive Leadership Scholarship Funding

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Well done to Rosli Reid (RSF co-owner), Lisa Dickinson (RSF Cobden Site Manager) and Kelly Slattery (RSF Senior Nutritionist) who were recently nominated and accepted into the Women and Leadership Australia performance program. Just reward and recognition for hard-work and the high standards you all set for yourselves. […]

President Bee Gee

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Congratulations to Colbinabbin Truck Driver, Brian Griffiths who after many years of hard-work contributing to the community efforts of the Rochester Rotary Club was recently elected to the position of club president. Brian took over from outgoing President Noel Lucas and will hold the position for at least the next 12-months. The Rochester Rotary group [...]

Adrian Meade Innovation Program

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Reid Stockfeeds recently hosted a tour of the Cobden mill for year 10 and 11 students on the 2016 Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Adrian Meade Dairy Innovation Program. The 12 students were taking part in a six-day program showing them the whole dairy industry supply chain and the opportunities it provides for great careers in [...]