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A Backyard Farmer’s Guide to Harvesting a Strong Chicken Egg

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According to the age-old tale, chickens have been laying eggs since the dawn of time, if not before however, producing an object as big as your own head every day, is a feat that should not be understated. As the backyard farmer knows well, it’s easy to make a scramble of the process, with soft [...]

It’s Not Just Layer Feed – Why Crushed Grains Reign Supreme

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Within a single egg there’s 11 different vitamins and minerals, plus an intense concentrate of proteins and healthy fatty acids such as omega-3. It’s an impressive feat for a hen to produce such a nutritious cocktail every day, a feat that can only be sustained by being well fed each and every day! […]

Ryegrass Staggers – The Mycotoxin Challenge of Summer & Autumn

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The condition commonly known as “Ryegrass Staggers”, or more accurately as Perennial Ryegrass Toxicosis (PRGT), can be a serious and widespread problem in livestock grazing perennial ryegrass dominant pastures during summer and autumn months.  It affects sheep, cattle, horses, dear and alpacas. […]

Rectal Prolapses in Sheep Feedlots: Incidence, Causes & Costs

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Different situations may affect the profitability of the sheep feedlot business. Within those situations farmers usually pay attention to the big ones; low daily weight gains, high mortality rates, labor that is not fully utilized to mention a few. […]

Put a Spring in their Step this Summer

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We’ve all heard that “the only constant in life is change”, a saying that today is as true as ever for our dairy industry. Four out of the last five fortnightly adjustments for global dairy auctions has seen a lift in price which coupled with the new free trade agreement, is very promising change for Australian dairy [...]

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Dairy Strategies for Improving your Milk Protein in Winter

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The protein percent of the milk you send to the factory not only impacts farm income, but can also provide important indicators for cow health and nutrition. The most common reason for seeing a low milk protein test in the winter is due to lack of energy in the cow’s diet. If the cow is [...]

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Springer 16 Lead Feed getting some love in the Dairy Community

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You’d think this feedback for our Springer 16 lead feed was scripted but then you’d be wrong 🙂 Nice timing with the new ad campaign. Cheers to Brendan and the crew from Meldan Jersey’s for the friendly feedback. […]

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Dairy Stockfeed Economic Analysis Report

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In stark contrast to claims that increasing feeding rates increase dairy farmer risk, an independent report commissioned by the Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Association of Victoria identifies that use of concentrate feeds increases annual return on farm assets. A PDF of this report can be downloaded here: Dairy Stockfeed Report.

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Accelerated Calf Rearing

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US Dairy Production expert Mike Hutjens recently visited Australia, conducting seminars in regional Victoria organised by the Australian Association of Animal Nutrition. Some farmers may have been fortunate enough to attend one of these information filled sessions. One of the topics mentioned was accelerated calf rearing. Below is some information relating to this that may [...]

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Is the cheapest hay always going to save me money?

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With all signs pointing to opening prices being reduced, farming business’ are looking at where they can save money to ensure they are still running a profitable business at the end of the day. As bought in inputs, grain, hay and fertiliser are the biggest costs to a dairy business and with milk prices looking [...]

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Facial Eczema

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Facial Eczema is a disease that affects the liver. Whilst the most commonly associated symptom of FE (Facial Eczema) is photosensitisation, there are many other impacts of the disease such as drop in milk production, development of scours, liver damage, weight loss, infertility and even death in more severe cases. […]

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